Shroud the Truth

‘Milo! Earth to Milo!’ Annoyed I look at the one who woke me up. A pretty girl with a sarcastic smile lingering on her lips was standing in front of my desk. I was about to tell her to leave me alone, when my friend, Oliver, swung his arm around my shoulder and screamed. ‘Dude, we’re asking if you can come with us to the cinema this weekend.’ To be fair, he probably wasn’t that loud, but it’s not my fault I have good hearing. 

’Who is us?’ I asked, to which Brody, who was sitting at his desk next to me, chuckled. ‘Guess he really was asleep.’ The girl from before impatiently waved her hand towards the few people standing around me. Among these people were my own friend, Oliver, Brody, and Arthur, as well as three girls of which I only recognized one; Beth, who I have been in love with for 3 years. 

She was wearing a dark red skirt with a simple black t-shirt and high boots, her brown wavy hair was bound in a low ponytail. When her almond eyes locked onto mine, her lips broke into a small smile and my heart did a funny little dance. Not bothering to ask who the other two girls were, I immediately said: ‘Yeah, sure. I’m in.’ Oliver gave me a knowing grin and nudged my side.

Two days later it’s Saturday and the day we decided to meet, I’m currently panicking because I can’t seem to find a proper outfit. A lot of my clothes are being washed and the few pieces in my closet are sweaters or sweatpants. Not very impressive. 

While I’m sitting on my bed, pondering the options I have, I don’t notice my mother standing in the doorway. I yelp when she finally speaks. ‘Why are you staring at your clothes so intensely?’ ‘Uhm…I need an outfit to go to the cinema…’ She grinned. ‘Is it a date?’ I could feel my cheeks getting warm. ‘N-no, it’s just with friends.’ ‘Right…’ She said as she raised her eyebrows. ’Mom,’ I whined, ’please just help me.’ And she left the room, leaving me behind confused, but some time later she came back and handed me blue jeans and a black blouse. Not too casual, just perfect. ‘Thanks mom.’ I smiled.

To be continued