I Love You

Ughh…’ She groaned as she slowly woke up. She tried to get up but her entire body hurt. She looked to her right and what she saw made her remember what had happened. Bodies, blood, destruction. ‘Allan.’ She whispered and she managed to get up. She got on her feet, dragging and stumbling she began to walk. To search, for him. In the big, cold lawn covered in bodies and blood she was the only one alive. She knew this but she hoped she was wrong. She walked, stumbled over bodies and she fell a number of times. Panicking more and more, because she couldn’t find him. Breathing faster and harder she continued to search. 

And then right there she saw him. He lay on the ground a few meters away but she could recognize him anywhere. In the midst of bodies laying in a circle around him. All those people had tried to protect him. But as she was getting closer she saw that they failed. 

He was pierced by a sword. Right through his heart. She slowed down and stood there staring at him. Tears started to fall. And at the same time the clouds broke and it stared to rain. Sobbing and soaked she went to his side. She carefully removed the weapon that killed him and took him in her arms. He was cold. 

Please let this be a nightmare. I can’t lose him. Bring him back to me please. Someone HELP!’ 

She cried and screamed but no one answered. She really was alone. She pressed him even tighter against herself. She didn’t want to let go. Then the memories flooded back to her. Of him and the moments they spend together. Of how caring he always was. The way he would kiss her ever so gently. The 3 words he would tell her that made her heart skip a beat. How he would take her in his arms and would not let go. Sometimes those cuddle session would turn into a tickle fight. He was very ticklish so she would always win. She smiled a little through her tears. Smiling and still sobbing she told him: ‘I’m sorry my love, that we could not spend more time together. That I could not be with you in the end. We won the war but I lost you.’

She paused for a moment swallowing back her tears. She wished she could see him smile one last time but that was not possible. She let go of him and stood up. She turned around and tried to walk away. It was difficult but she had to. She had to let go of him, the love of her life. She hung her head and slowly walked away. The tears began again. She cried and wailed as she turned around to say goodbye one last time.

I love you and I always will.

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