Run, or else

I can hear them shouting and running behind me. They are getting closer. I speed up trying my best to get away from them. It’s raining and I can feel a thunderstorm coming closer. It is angry. Maybe at me or the ones chasing me, I don’t know.

I arrive at a river and I stop for a moment. It feels like it’s inviting me to jump in, and I do. Luckily it is not too deep and I can walk to the other side. When I arrive a strong, violent wind suddenly blows through the trees. It’s as if the wind wants to knock them down but the trees fight back. Then I hear them again, crying and screaming. They’re hungry.

I run, through the forest with it’s tall, scary trees. Deeper and deeper I go into the darkness. Even though it’s early in the morning no light passes through the roof of leaves above my head. The trees hover over me, they whisper and tell me to go further. I don’t want to but I have no choice. I don’t want to end up as their dinner.

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