Screaming rain and howling winds. Trees being ripped from their roots as they scream in agony. Beautiful flowers try to hide from the monster but they fail and they too are mercilessly killed. The wind grows stronger by the minute, hurling through the forest only leaving destruction behind. It is wild and out of hand, and cannot be tamed. Wind and rain teaming up together to create something more powerful and fearful. Something cold and scary, somewhere you wouldn’t want to be. Birds try to fly but their wings are not strong enough. Some fall down to the ground as they are forcefully thrown against, still standing, trees. Bears and wolves who used to be hunters are now prey. Deers who are used to running for their lives now do what they do best. Every living being nearby is doing their best to survive, but even if they do there is no guarantee they’ll survive for the next one. One that might be even deadlier. One with snow and ice, that bring frost but not the beautiful type. They know, after this another storm is coming.